Edward Snowden, 29, the former CIA employee who is responsible for leaking confidential NSA documents in one of the most serious breaches in U.S. political history is viewed by many as a hero and also viewed by many to be a traitor.

Snowden claims he passed the classified information that blew open a number of intense surveillance operations to the media because he doesn’t ‘want to live in a society that does these sort of things’.

Snowden, who now works for Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense contractor for the National Security Agency, caused a firestorm after he leaked the top-secret documents to The Guardian newspaper over several days of interviews. Whistle-blower Snowden,  claims he passed the classified information to the media.   According to Snowden, the documents prove that the NSA and CIA can tap into just about anything electronic in your life, from e-mail, to websites you visit, to your texts and phone calls and more.

Swowden, who earned a 6 figure salary in his government  contract job, was a high school dropout who later got a G.E.D. proving that America has become very laxed in who they hire for super secretive jobs.

Anyway, the point o discussion for today's "Phone Topic Tuesday" is... "Edward Snowden:Hero or traitor?"  Even moreso, now that we know some things about NSA surveillance, do you fell like big brother is watching you, or do you feel like our government is doing everything possible to keep you safe from terrorism, cyber attacks and the like.  Call me with your opinion between 2p-5p today at 1-888-900-WGBF.

Below, Edward Snowden, who is presumably still hiding out in Hong Kong, explains in a video interview his acts and reasons behind his actions.  Below that, a little mockery of the NSA as well.