This weekend's UFC 165 ended up being a really solid pay-per-view. It had all the things you look for in an event like that - some slick submissions, some brutal knockouts, and one of the best light heavyweight fights in the history of the UFC! And the UFC's Phantom Cam was there to capture it all.

The Phantom Cam is a relatively new addition to UFC events. It is, essentially, a really high speed, high definition camera. That means it is able to provide images in super slow-mo without losing any quality. I think what I appreciate most about this footage is how it reminds just how brutal this sport is. Perhaps it's because I've been a fan for so long and have seen so many fights - but sometimes I think I take things for granted. Seeing this footage reminds me of what these men and women put their bodies through every time they step in the Octagon.

At normal speed, many of these punches and kicks look somewhat pedestrian - like they have no effect or do no damage at all. But when you see the impact in super slow motion, you realize what type of punishment is being inflicted with just about every move.

I wasn't trying to use hyperbole in my first paragraph. If you missed Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson, then you missed one of the great main events of all time. I'm not usually a fan of fights that go all five rounds, because they are usually extremely boring. Not this one! It looked like a scene out of a Rocky movie. Both men so worn out it looked like they might just fall over at any minute, and then a flurry of punches and knees and elbows. In the end it was a very close decision that could have gone either way. If you get a chance to see it - watch it!