Next weekend, I will be attending a 21st birthday party in Bloomington, Indiana. It got me thinking about birthday parties and just parties in general. Being 25, I rarely party anymore, but a few years ago I was the queen of partying!

I have been told this 21st birthday party is going to have a lot of kegs and a bouncy house!
How cool is that, celebrate your 21st drunk in a bouncy house.

Lots of party ideas are going through my head....Here are some just in case you were looking for killer party!

  • Can't go wrong with a good toga party!
  • Office h*es and CEOs
  • 80's Theme Party

Break out your neon's, bangles and leg warmers --things are about to get crazy.

  • Redneck party

The picture says it all...

Lots of you have a good idea for a party???

Don't forget Ski Day on the Ohio 2012 is coming up August 12! Biggest party of the summer!