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5 Myths On How To Land A Job
The Evansville Job Fair is days away. The stresses of trying to land a decent job can be overwhelming, but here are some things to consider when you're on the job hunt.
103GBF Babe Of The Day – Crystal Renay
Today's 103GBF Babe Of The Day is Crystal Renay Williams.  A smokin' hot babe with exotica looks thanks to her Italian/Black/Spanish heritage.  Crystal is a model and actress and you can check her out on Instagram here.
American Red Cross Calling for Immediate Need of Donations
With the sever winter weather that has impacted a large portion of the country, comes a an increase in need for blood donations. According to the American Red Cross, there were more than 200 blood drives that had to be cancelled because of inclement winter weather.

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