Meth is indeed ‘our’ problem these days as it in one way or another touches most tri stater’s lives. Maybe you don’t have a working meth lab next door, but chances are the money you handle has meth residue on it, or perhaps the last time you had something stolen from your house, garage or car was used to fuel some methhead’s strive to acquire cash to purchase this poison that hit town in the early 80's under the nickname ‘crank’. It’s not really a surprise to hear from Evansville police that meth arrests are up from this time last year.

The EPD arrested 55 people by this time last year. This year, that number is 87.

Police are concerned that what used to be more of a ‘rural’ problem is now an ‘urban’ one.

EPD say they are seeing an increase in what's called the one pot method. It’s a quicker what of cooking the sh*t up, but more volatile, with an even greater chance of explosion and fire.

You’ll find the one pot cookers doing their thing anywhere and everywhere. In rental houses, apartment buildings, motel rooms and even out of the back of the trunk of a car.

Local police have created a new initiative, working closer with area landlords and motel managers to help them better identify possible cooking sites. Let’s hope it makes a dent in what has become a huge problem for our area.