Meet Osmoz Suicide. She’s a 21-year-old SuicideGirl from France. Her exotic look is a precursor to even more exotic interests like acrobats, trapeze, penguins and pancakes. Those last two items are separate; you should never eat penguins with your pancakes.

Osmoz would like to someday learn the art of burlesque strip tease, which is a curriculum not offered at many US colleges…except perhaps Arizona State. We’re pretty sure ASU has a PhD program in burlesque. You should see the department meetings!

Age: 21

Location: France

Her Idea of a Good Time: Reading at the coffee shop.

Into: Art, acrobats, animals, photography, travel, green tea and lemon, gourmet coffee, pancakes, good food, cats, penguins, day in the forest, trapeze and more

Makes Her Happy: People who make me laugh

Makes Her Sad: People who lie to me, when I am tired, intolerant people, animal abuse.

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