The Amazing Race continues to be one of the most watched and most successful "reality" shows ever. Ever thought you could do what they do? Now's your chance to prove it. Get to the open casting call for the next season of The Amazing Race this Saturday morning.

I'm not a fan of most reality shows - at least not the ones that just follow people around from day to day in their "normal" life. That's not real, and at this point everyone knows it. I do enjoy the shows that are competitions though - like The Amazing Race. It's fun to watch people attempting these ridiculous challenges. I think it's safe to say that we all see some of those stunts and think to ourselves that we could definitely do that. If you ever really wanted to give it a try, here is your chance.

Get to Dempewolf Ford on Highway 41 in Henderson between 10am-12n this Saturday, April 12th for an open casting call for the next season of the Amazing Race. It might be worth just a little bit of your time to get the chance to compete for the million dollar grand prize, right? Here's more information that will help get you better prepared for the casting call. Good luck!