Wouldn't it be great if more elections could be decided this way? At this point, I am so jaded and cynical that I don’t think I can believe a thing either guy says. And I honestly don’t think I (we) will be that better or worse four years from now, regardless of who wins. I mean seriously, is your life drastically different because of Barack Obama? Do you think he’s gonna make it any better with four more years? Or conversely…do you really think Romney is going to make your life better if he wins?

I realize that these two men (and their parties) and vastly different when it comes to their ideology and what they think is best for the country. But I also think they are both full of crap…and that when it comes to politics and politicians, nothing actually gets done. Maybe I should have more hope in our system…but I haven’t seen anything yet to give me a reason to have hope. Dang…I’m depressing myself the more I type.

I have gotten away from the point of this post. I just wanted y’all to see this really well done video of Barry and Mitt going toe-to-toe. You gotta love the various special powers each one demonstrates. They are brilliant because they are all true. Check out this gem from CollegeHumor.com.