In an effort to make things easier for you...and let's be honest, to make LESS work for now have the ability to add your special event to our community calendar.

Do you have a charity motorcycle ride coming up later this summer, or is your car club having an event? Maybe you're selling BBQ to raise money for an awesome cause...or maybe your high school marching band is having a car wash. I dunno...whatever the case may be, you can get the word out via the interwebz.

Just follow this link to see what I'm talking about. You do need to be a member of 103GBF ALL ACCESS, which basically means you'll need a username and password to access the calendar. Once you're in, just fill out the form and submit your event. Now obviously we're not gonna let any knucklehead post any damn thing he or she wants. We will need to approve any information that is submitted.