Newburgh is a town where you think of antique shops, resale shops, crafts and homey things like that. Now when you think Newburgh you can also think TATTOO!

Tony Trip just opened his Unspoken Art Studio Jan 1, 2013 behind Buehler's near Castle High School.

He, along with Dave, Mike and Krist and manning what is a clean, top notch tattoo parlor.

Friday and Saturday they welcome guest artist Johnny Noboby from Nashville.  I will be at Unspoken Art Studio Saturday 2-4 for a live remote broadcast.

Recently I sat down with shop owner Tony Trip to ask him some burning questions about being a tattoo artist

1)When and where did you first begin tattooing?

I moved to Waukegan Il when I was 17 and met a guy that tattooed. I explained, to him, that my pops and step pops both tattooed a little and that I was interested in learning how to do them. So I followed him from spot to spot watching him and learning the trade. Eventually it came time to do my first one so my buddy Damin jumped in the chair and said he wanted a noticle star on his elbow... So I started and he screamed, and jumped and wined and did everything he could to make me laugh so my teacher ended up taking over and finishing it up. lol It took me several months to get the nerve to tattoo again ::)

2)Who are some of your main influences, then and now?

My influences are always the people around me. For every 10 silly tattoos there is that one gem idea that people have and it makes me wanna do my best and then some ::) As far as my tattoo heros the top of my list for Portraits is Bob Tyrrell, Favorite for Black and Grey is Victor Portugal, Favorite new school Timmy B., Favorite Pin up Joe Capabianco and of course all around is Guy Aitcheson. He has it figured out on another level hahah

3)You owned your own shop previously. What’s different this time about your new place?.

Yup, My original plan back then was to have an office that i could decorate and only deal one on one with clients. I did for some time, then got kinda stale. The biggest thing about art is being able to get feed back and back then I only had the magazines and the internet. I kept that same idea but added some of the baddest dudes around and put all of our minds together. I also took the experiences that I have had at other shops to create a version that I think works best for us and our clients. We all use disposable set ups which means we never re-use anything that comes into direct contact with blood. Our set up is top notch. The idea was to make a shop that 1) I wanted to tattoo at.2) I wanted to get tattooed at 3)Looked awesome and had amazing energy.

What are some misconceptions about tattoos and the process of tattooing?.

I think people have a good idea about it now. Tv, Magazines, and the web have made tattoo imagery and tattoos a main stream thing to have. We get hit up all the time about apprentichips because everyone that can hold a pencil wants to start tattooing but most people dont think about the fact that they sit at home and draw what they want, but we draw what clients want. Its not all one specific thing and it takes a years just to learn how to deal with people that have no clue how to talk 'art' lingo haha . and as for Old style folks, they will always be around and I respect their decision NOT to be tattooed as long as they leave me be. People will always give ya dirty looks no matter how ya are, ya cant please everyone. Just do what you do and have fun.

How much do you enjoy designing art for someone’s tattoo as opposed to someone bringing you a pre made design or photo they want inked on?

I have recently not become a fan of people bringing me pictures of tattoos that they want me to copy. Its cool for color compositions or to show a style, but dont just flat out jack someone elses tattoo. Its a slap in the face to the person that has it tattooed and it its rude to their artist and I wont do it. Get a tattoo for you and make it yours to the point that if someone else got it tattooed then you would be pissed. ::) If you want a tattoo of an owl, find a picture of an owl or a drawing, a painting, a digital sketch whaaatt ever, just let that person have their tattoo and lets impress them with yours.

What’s a ‘scratcher”, and what is your opinion?

From what I have learned the term 'scratcher' comes from the scratchy lines that new tattoo artists do. We refer to scratchers when we talk about people tattooing at home and not in a sanitary environment. I was hit up alot about my sponsorship with 'Destroy all Scratchers' saying "you gotta start somewhere" and my reply is always "Start with a pencil and paper" and I do not agree with people going out, buying tattoo equipment and tattooing themsleves and friends with out the knowledge of a professional. I also do not believe that everyone that tattoos at home is a scratcher and that shops have scratchers. Do your research before getting tattooed by anyone. Save your money and make it co

What sets Unspoken Art Studio aside from other shops in the area?.

We have a completely disposable set up and use the best supplies. I have control over what we get and I do not spare expenses hahah All I can do is ask people to come see for themselves, I can say how awesome it is but you have to come experience it. we also make all of our own merch and have a gallery in front for people to buy prints and/or original paintings by our artists.

How should people go about setting up an appointment?

I stress to everyone that they should come meet the artist and chat with us. Were not hard to find. If you are out of town we do offer a form to fill out on our website but please mention you are from out of town and we will get back with you. I stay booked up most of the time so please be patient with me if your trying to get in but I did get some of the coolest and best tattooing dudes around so feel free to come see what they can do for you!

  • 7575 Peachwood Dr. Suite A
  • Newburgh, Indiana 47630
Today 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Phone (812) 773-7275