For over a year now I've been the host of Loudwire Radio, or the Loudwire Top 20 Countdown as it's often called.  It airs at 8pm Saturday nights on 103GBF.  Until last weekend, the show was a countdown of the top 20 new rock songs, along with artists I've interviewed and Rock news from  Here's the thing that we wanted to, and did change about the show. What makes up the best songs for a radio station playlist  are not necessarily the best songs for the Loudwire brand. is focused on select components that are part of a Rock station’s playlist.  So we took away a full 20 song countdown and turned it into the "Loudwire Lucky 13 countdown" and then added more songs that ties into features at  For instance I'll be featuring a Loudwire interview from Phil Anselmo so I'll play a Pantera song.  The same with the Corey Taylor interview.  Play some of that and follow it up with the new Stone Sour song.  I'll play a "new rock song that needs to be noticed" from the likes of Bring Me The Horizon.  Those are a few examples of what you'll hear besides countdown songs on "Loudwire Reloaded", 8pm Saturday's on 103GBF.

Now, Sunday's from 11a-2p it's "Eddie Trunk Rocks".  Eddie has been in radio almost as long as I have, and he's the only person I know of that knows more about the rock genre and it's history  than I do.  You may know Eddie Trunk from hosting "That Metal Show" on VH1 Classic.  The show we air is his own radio show from his home base of Q`104 in New York.  Eddie has great interviews and plays cool songs...from hair bands to prog-rock like Dream Theater.  Here's Eddie's website...and again, his show airs right after "Racing Rocks", Sunday from 11a-12p only here on 103GBF. (note: Eddie Trunk is subject to pre-emption for Colts broadcasts)