I got turned onto Volbeat about two years ago by their manager who also works with several other bands including Saving Abel.  He was in town visiting some relatives and called up wanting to have lunch.  We met at Fast Eddy's and talked some about Saving Abel and what at that time was their upcoming album "Miss America".  But moreso we talked about this Danish band he was working with called Volbeat.  He gave me all their CD's and said once I listened I'd be hooked.  He was right.  These guys have turned out to be one of my favorite bands.  They mix styles ranging from reggae, to bluegrass to pure metal.  Wow!   Since he first turned me onto Volbeat they have had a bit of radio success and their endless touring and great live shows have earned them legions of fans worldwide.  The new single "Still Counting" has been faetured for a few weeks now on the Loudwire Top 20 Saturday nights at 8 on 103GBF...and now's the time to start playing that sucka everyday.

The song is not from their latest album "Beyond Hell, Above Heaven", but instead fro their 2008 release "Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood".    Check out the live video for "Still Counting", recorded just a couple of weeks back at a gig at The House Of Blues in Anaheim.  If ya like what you see and hear, check out the band's brand new live DVD here.