If you've been following this season of Survivor, then you know that 'Redemption Island' continues the streak of pretty damn good seasons lately. In my opinion, Survivor has been on a roll the past few seasons. I was less than impressed with Survivor there for a while, and I skipped several seasons. But I am definitely a fan again after the past 3 seasons, and this new one!

Things should get pretty interesting on tonight's new episode (7pm on CBS44 WEVV). Ya see, the 'Ometepe' tribe has basically dominated this entire season. Since the tribes have merged, the six members of Ometepe have systematically eliminated all members of the former Zapatera tribe. But now they're down to their original alliance, and they finally have to turn on each other as they’re forced to vote out one of their own. On top of that, they're faced with one of the most physically exhausting challenges ever.

And, of course, you can't forget about Redemption Island. Who will make there way back into the game and how will affect everyone's strategy?