What are you doing Saturday night? Well, a new study suggests that there is a good chance you will be having sex… more specifically sometime just before 8pm.

Sex toy company Lovehoney recently conduct a survey of 3,000 people to find out what the most popular day of the week was for sex, among some other things. What they found was that most people appear to be doing the deed on Saturdays, coming in at 44%, followed by Sundays at 24% and Fridays at 22%.

Interestingly, while the survey suggests that most people are the most aroused at 4:33pm on Saturday, “Sex O’clock” appears to be Saturday at 7:37pm – that is when the majority of couples are finding time to make love.

Other finds in the survey include:

  • Two-thirds of the respondents claimed to desire sex more in the summer.
  • 62% of couples have a regular date night that they use for romantic encounters.
  • 88% have sex on date night.
  • About 50% schedule weekly sex sessions due to being so busy.
  • Monday at 9:40pm is when most sex toy sales occur.
  • Regular sex is typically the key to relationship happiness.