The creative team at K-Mart has hit a home run with the new commercial that promotes online shopping. How do find a new and memorable way to convince people to buy clothing through your website? You give them permission to "ship their pants." Those three words don't seem that funny when you just read them in your head...but say them aloud and the phrase takes on a whole other meaning.

Still don't see (or hear) what I'm talking about? Watch the commercial below and you'll quickly get the joke, and you WILL laugh. Why? Because pooping your pants is funny. Well, the actual act of defecating in your pants isn't very funny, but the thought of it is, and talking about it is, that's for sure. So to hear people of all ages talking about "shipping their pants" or even "shipping their drawers" is can't miss humor. Well done K-Mart...well done.

What else is there to say? Watch the damn thing already.