When you count all the changes the Indianapolis Colts have made recently, perhaps the least noticeable will be the team's new gear.

Nike will officially replace Reebok next season, as the sole supplier of team gear for all of the 32 teams that make up the NFL. Today they debuted the entire collection.

Although the new jersey's will cost considerably more (Game Day Jersey: $250), the company says some changes were more than cosmetic. A 'flywire technology' will cause it to fit like shrink wrap over pads and sleeves are designed to make tugging difficult.

The new Colts design doesn't differ greatly from the old one. The double white bars above the shoulders are still there and so is the horseshoe. The Seattle Seahawks got the most dramatic overhaul, with neon green being featured prominently.

Probably my favorite part are the gloves. Which has a design that when held together, open palmed, forms the team logo.

The jersey's will debut in the 2012-2013 Football season. And it still feels like the Super Bowl ended yesterday.