Brian Hoeche (Hay-Key) has been a good friend and area musician for many a year now.  He's just come out with his 2nd album entitled "In Forever". I found the CD, which I've listened to several times before writing this, fresher and more imaginative than most all instrumental CD's.  The songs are not fiery in terms of tempo and mood, but Brian's playing at time, is.   I sat down with Brian for a little Q&A about the new release.

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Q: The new album, it seems full of Spanish and perhaps Carribbean motifs. What was your inspiration?

I love the Spanish sound. It's so romantic and easy to be pulled into. When I was young my dad would take us to see those Sergio Leone Italian westerns at the old West Side Drive-in. Clint Eastwood was so cool, Henry Fonda had that stance but it was the music of Ennio Morricone that brought the characters to life. And I knew it at a very early age. So when I started playing, I naturally went in that direction. I fell in love with movie scores.

The inspiration for this album was creating characters from how I saw part 1, Lydian Dream. The story is about Java and his brother and their adventure to make it big in Spain. They're excited about their first gig being in Madrid but when they get there it's a run down old Spanish blues bar. To there surprise they meet the Cat, a strange but beautiful character and a cool journey begins. Later an old love returns. The story is in the insert and I will be putting it on my Facebook page 'Brian Hoeche's Lydian Dream'. I love the Spanish sound within the island vibe.

Q: Did you play all the instruments on the Album?

Yes. It just happens that way. I wrote most of the songs on the piano. I seem to get inspired while it's still dark out, right before the sun rises. As the story developed I would go into my studio to do different parts. I used a sampler for my drums through the keys. My fingers got a little sore. I would throw down a bass track or focus on the strings. Whatever I was hearing at the moment I had to just go do it then.


Q: What made you decide to do an instrumental album.

I love the instrumental. It's in my blood. It goes back to my roots, the movie score and I really dig how magical it is to crescendo the sunset with music.


Q: Knowing you for a long time, your chops are better than ever. You used to be more of a rock guitarist, what made you integrate other styles into your playing?

Thanks so much. When I started playing I would learn certain sounds of guitar music. Mostly the Spanish stuff. But when I started teaching about 30 years ago I had to go in other directions because every student was different. So over time I developed a style of teaching that reached out to all styles. I just applied that to my own learning. Whatever the situation, I wanted to be ready. Now it's whatever the story calls for.


Q: Who have been your influences along the way in your career?

So many artist who do the scores like Morricone, Elfman, Young, Zimmer and on but guitarist who have really made that statement in my life….Al Dimeola. He is amazing. One of the most patient to get to the crescendo. David Gilmore & Neil Schon always play the right notes. Santana is a legend. I can listen to him all day.


Q: It’s impossible for me to pick one favorite track on the album. Each one has things I like. Do you have favorite(s)?

Each song is it's own and develops the story and the characters. They all point to the same climax. Like the final shootout of a movie but in this, a haunting love story. The ones that means the most to me are the last 2 songs 'This Night and Forever' and 'In Time'. They are that climactic ending. My favorite part is in the middle of the last song 'Intime'. It takes patience for the listener to get there, through 20 seconds of silence but that next 2 minutes is giving the listener the crescendo of the whole album. In other words, I said all that to say this.

Q: Where can people purchase your CD?

Locally in Evansville..Moore Music and the Musician's Boonville, The Body Boutique and Posey's Market. Online too, right here

103GBF Supports the endeavors of tri-state people who accomplish so much in the world of art and music.  Brian's CD is a worthy purchase for those who love guitar, or music that will fill your imagination and take you away to a better place mentally.  Soothing and satisfying..