I've always been a fan of the band CROSSFADE. Not the kind of fan that could tell you the backstory and inspiration for track 7 on their sophomore album. I'm just a casual fan. I enjoy all the songs we've played from them over the years, and a couple others that didn't make it to the radio. I'm enough of a fan that I got excited when I saw that they have a new album coming out this summer.

The boys from South Carolina are set to release their third album "We All Bleed" on June 21st. It's been a long time coming too. The last album they released was "Falling Away" back in 2006...and before that was their self-titled, platinum selling, debut album back in 2004.

Below is a video giving you a little more insight into the making of this new album, and the video for the album's first release 'Killing Me Inside'.