Our hot local girl this week is Lyndsey, who has had quite a few photoshoots under her belt. It's obvious the camera loves her!! Lyndsey has also been in several night club fashion shows here in town. Here's a little more about this week's 103GBF Hometown Honey: in her own words. "I dont eat potato chips at home. I know my kids fingers have been n them. I shutter to think of where their fingers have been prior to. My boys keep me laughing and humbling me to what life is really about. LOVE....My parents are great people and raised me well. I love listening to my kids conversations when they dont know i am. I dont watch the news, or much tv for that matter. I prefer to spend my time in the sun. Honesty is my best policy, it saves everyone alot of time. Luck be a lady, but not this lady. I am smooth under pressure. Prefer intesting over intellectual conversations. I have the grins alot and tend to be a dork of a person. I dont have much free time...so what little i have i make the most of it. Ive lost alot and not too into material things. I love trips, experiences and memories. No one can take those from you."

Amen! Thanks for being this week's 103GBF Hometown Honey Lyndsey!