Yep, I'm officially old, I have joined a men's bowling league. A buddy of mine here at work asked me to join his team out at River City Recreation, so I did. Although this was just the first week, we still don't have a team name - that's where you come in. One of the guys on the team, knowing I work at 103GBF, suggested I ask you to come up with our name. So here we are.

I really don't care what we call ourselves, we don't take ourselves too seriously, so I'm gonna say get as creative as you want. It can be rude and crude, or whacky, or cheesy, makes me no difference. I reckon I might pick some of my favorites from your submissions and then maybe let you vote on them. How's that sound? Can you tell I've given this a lot of thought?

Regardless, submit your bowling team name suggestion below. You can leave your info if you want, but I won't make it required. I'll hook up whoever submits the winning name with some GBF swag, so that might make it worth your while.