So, after the latest Taco Bell fiasco, I've been wondering to myself if I should constantly subject myself to that tasty death.

But aside from Colbert showing that one of the ingredients of Taco Bell's taco filler is sand, I'm wondering if being a carnivore is worth it. Then I saw the latest PETA ad campaign.

Sure its about not wearing fur, but there are naked celebrities. My attention meter went in to overdrive. Olivia Munn, from G4 and The Daily Show, is another one of the many celebrities bearing all for the latest campaign.

But then I remember how Taco Bell and alcohol just combine so perfectly to create a taste sensation indescribable by any modern chef. Efforts to recreate it have failed for the most part. We won't even discuss the homemade gordita that set a microwave on fire.

So Taco Bell, I'll continue to subject myself to your tasty sandy meat. Even seeing it written out, sorta disgusts me. But then I remember one simple thing.