I guess I am, technically, a professional announcer. I get paid to talk, right? And after 17+ years on the radio, you'd think I'd be pretty good at it. That's not necessarily the case. My brain and mouth get out of sync way too often. And I'm here to share some memorable examples.

I would like to blame this phenomenon on the fact that I'm getting older - but if I'm keeping it real (and I'm all about keeping it real), this has been going on for a long time. This type of thing seems to happen the most when I'm talking to listeners, either on the phone or at a station event.

I try not to use the same exact verbiage every time I talk to someone - so I have a handful of terms in my vocabulary rotation. I'll go with bud, buddy, brotha, brother, man, pal, dude, etc. "Talk to you later buddy" is a very common example. How hard is it to say that? Seems simple enough, right? Leave it to me to complicate things for no good reason.

What ends up happening is my brain starts scrolling through the words I normally use, trying to find a good one, and my mouth decides to go ahead blurt out something before my brain has decided. The result is some sort of hybrid word or expression that sounds idiotic and makes no sense. Luckily this usually happens at the end of the conversation, so there usually isn't any kind of follow up.

In the video below I share a few of the more memorable examples from over the years. Some that happened years ago, but yet still get brought up by my "friends" here at work. Ask Sandman, since he refers to them more than just about anybody else.