Coming up this Saturday night at 8 on "Loudwire Reloaded", I will be counting down the "Loudwire Lucky 13" the top 13 rock songs in the nation, and I can tell ya, this week we have a brand new #1 song.  Also on the show, I'll announce details of a Flyaway to see Dream Theater in concert and I'll feature the winner of the most recent "Loudwire Airplay Poll", Bobaflex.

Black Heart Records

The crowning touch on this Saturday's show is an interview with a true groundbreaking artist Joan Jett.  She has a new album out entitled "Unvarnished" featuring a song called "Any Weather" co-written by Dave Gorhl.  That song is currently hosing the competition in the 103GBF Rocktagon.  Here's a longer version of my chat with Joan.  Too long for "Loudwire Reloaded", but perfect for you here on our website. Joining in the interview is Kenny Laguna, Joan's longtime mentor and producer.  It's a special edition of the interview for 103GBF listeners only.  Below is Joan's New song "Any Weather" whcih I'll also play on "Loudwire Reloaded" Saturday night at 8 on 103GBF.