The show formerly known as the Loudwire Top 20, is now known as Loudwire Reloaded.  It still airs Saturday night at 8 on 103GBF and on other Townsquare Media Rock Stations hereThe biggest difference in the show is now, I countdown the "Loudwire Lucky 13" and use the rest of the time to highlight music trending at  For instance, this Saturday is an interview with Phil Anselmo about his Pantera days and the late Dimebag, so I"ll be playing some Pantera.  Plus I'll play a new track or two that isn't in the "Lucky 13" countdown yest, like more new A7X, New Redlight King and Bring Me The Horizon.

This weekend, I also feature my conversation with Leigh Kakaty, lead vocalist of Pop Evil.  They are releasing a video trilogy in reverse order. $3 was the hit song "Trenches", #2 is their new single "Deal With The Devil".  Listen as Leigh explains the concept, then check out the new music video below the interview player.