Hosting the nationally syndicated show "Loudwire" has given me many opportunities to interview some of today's best hard rock musicians. My latest chat is with John 5, guitarist for Rob Zombie and former guitarist for Marilyn Manson. Both of those bands are out on the "Twins Of Evil" tour, and both are playing "Rock Vegas", the mega festival that we are giving you the chance to win a trip to by clicking here.

John and I talk about "Rock Vegas", the upcoming Rob Zombie album and "Lords Of Salem" Rob's upcoming movie for which John 5 wrote the soundtrack for.

I left this completely unedited, so you will hear John's publicist in the beginning conference John in, and he and I have a little small talk about Evansville before the actual interview begins.

The edited version of this will appear on "Loudwire Radio" at 8pm this Saturday night on 103GBF!