Every weekend on the "Loudwire Top 20" show that airs Saturday night at 8 on 103GBF, I not only count down the best new rock songs in the nation, but I also bring you the words of the musicians that make the music.

This Saturday night, I have an exclusive Loudwire interview with Jeremy Spencer, who is a Boonville native and drummer for Five Finger Death Punch. The band is putting out two albums this year, :The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell". Volume 1 is set for release on July 23rd, and the album's first single "Lift Me Up" featuring guest vocals by Rob Halford of Judas Priest is on 103GBF and on the "Loudwire Top 20".


Jeremy and I talk about all that stuff an more in our chat, which is posted here in it's entirety. A shorter version will appear on the the "Loudwire Top 20" tomorrow night.   Note, Loudwire also can be found on any of these great Townsquare Media rock stations nationwide.