I've long been a fan of Nonpoint. I love tracks like "Bullet With A Name On It,” "Miracle" and their cover of "In The Air Tonight,” the coolest Phil Collins song ever, made even cooler by Nonpoint.

Elias and I had met before when they came to town, so after we caught up we got down to business.

The band has a new album set for release this summer and one track from it called "I Said It" is streaming on the band's website here.

The real first single will be titled "Left For You" and it can be nowhere else but on this weekend's edition of "Loudwire Radio" Saturday night at 8 on 103GBF. So, check out the "Loudwire" exclusive premier of the song along with my interview with Elias. For 103GBF listeners only however, below is the longer, unedited version of our conversation.