I had the chance last week to hop on the phone with Corey Taylor...lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour and author of the book "Seven Deadly Sins.”

I was a little nervous prior to him calling in. Corey is cocky and outspoken...and he has been known to wear a mask on occasion. He is somewhat intimidating. During our conversation, which you can hear below, he is an articulate and gracious person...a pleasure to interview.

BTW, I talked to him just hours before he passed out on stage in Dallas performing with Slipknot on the Mayhem Fest. Corey is doing well according to his latest tweets. He just got a little overheated. Easy to do on a Texas night wearing a mask and jumpsuit. Just ask Leatherface!

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Short version is already available on the Loudwire.com website here.