These three things do indeed tie together, in a very loose manner mind you.  My daughter Kelcey, or K-Sand as most call her is about 15 weeks pregnant.  Before she got too big of a preggo belly, she wanted to get out of town with some friends and wanted to know if I'd buy her a ticket to see Justin Bieber in concert tomorrow (12/15) in Chicago.  Done!  It's the least I can do for only only child for Christmas, no matter how much I detest the artist she is going to see.

Fast forward a few weeks later, K-Sand is sleeping on my couch with the TV on the "Today" show.  They start talking about this insane plot these three freaks had to kill and castrate the Biebs.  Catching bits and pieces from the TV report She woke up out of a dead sleep wanting to know if Justin Bieber was still alive.  She was not as concerned with the kid's well being as much as any danger for the young crooner might mean he'd have to cancel the Chicago show that she was going to.

Well, all is good.  Justin Bieber will get $115 of my money for a ticket, and as I write this my daughter is en route to Chicago to hook up with friends that live there for a 'worship Justin' weekend.  Remember, thou shalt have no other Gods...

And...if you hadn't heard about the Bieber kidnap-castration-murder plot...the details are too juicy, and here they are.

According to authorities, Dana Martin, a New Mexico inmate convicted of the 2000 murder of a 15-year-old girl, sent two men to kill Bieber at his recent Madison Square Garden show in New York City.

The plan called for ex-con Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane to kill and castrate both Bieber and his bodyguard with pruning shears, but it all came undone when Martin confessed the details to police. Using this information, cops were able to nab the two ne'er-do-wells in Vermont in November.

All three men now face two counts each of conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery. Cops also say that Martin, who has a tattoo of Bieber on his leg, had become "infatuated" with the pop star. No kidding. Next time, maybe he just just join the Belieber Fan Club like everyone else.