Everyone has one album that we just cannot get enough of.Several albums that have come out over the years, there is always a song that you want to skip through. I have personally had many albums I didn't like all of the songs just a few that I could actually relate too or could rock out too.

Theory of a Deadman is my favorite band by far, because every album they have put out I can enjoy from track 1 to the end of the album. Gasoline, which was released in 2005, is so far my favorite out of all of the albums Theory of a Deadman has put out.

Just last year they came out with The Truth is... which we are currently spinning on 103GBF.

I can't think of many albums that I can listen to from beginning to end. Unless we are talking back in the 90's when boy bands were big...Yes, I was the biggest N'SYNC fan around. Something you may have not known about me. I can groove to Bye, Bye, Bye like nobody's business.


What is your favorite album you can listen to from beginning to end?

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