So, another scooter meets vehicle crash in Evansville leaves a scooter rider in the hospital.

Thing is, the scooter driver had a blood alcohol content of 0.17! Good chance that is was why he was riding a scooter in the first place.

The accident took place Wednesday night at Hwy 41 and Riverside, when a motorist turning into the intersection didn't see the scooter and the scooter struck the side of the vehicle. The rider of the scooter was injured and went to the hospital, while the person he was toting complained of back pains. I truly hope they will both be ok!

The drive and passenger of the vehicle were not injured.

Was the vehicle driver at fault? Yes. She did not see the scooter. Accidents happen.

Does riding a scooter while over twice the legal limit of blood alcohol content impair the driver's judgment and vision? Yes.

Can the scooter rider take legal action? Most likely not as he was drunk despite being not being at fault.

In this open letter to our mayor, I am asking that he create a city law or ordinance making scooter owners and operators liable and responsible. It’s time to grab hold of a problem that is beginning to get out of control.

***License and register scooters is the first course of action I'd like to see our city take. It would make a lot of difference to scooter riders who often disobey the rules of the road be more accountable for their actions.

If you believe I'm alone in my thinking here, click this link and read the article, then read the 40 or so comments citizens like myself have towards the situation.

Mr. Mayor... help!