Get ready to cringe. Before you think about 'Doing the Dew' consider this. 

Pepsi is prepared to argue in court, with expert testimony, that Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse carcass. The lawsuit stems from a 2009 incident, in which an Illinois man claims he opened a can of Dew, took a swig, and spit out a mouse.

He sent the remains to Pepsi, who he claimed destroyed the mouse in order to conceal the evidence. However, Pepsi is prepared to testify that this could have never happened.

Their 'experts' claim that the soda would have dissolved the carcass in to a 'jelly' by the time it reached plaintiff. Completely grossed out yet?

According to some 'Home Remedies' out there, Coca Cola can help remove corrosion from a car battery. This sort of makes you think what soda is doing to your insides after you drink it. Maybe smoking shouldn't have been the only thing I gave up this year.

(Yahoo! News)