Ah, my friend Stephanie...she's got a lot of really great tats.  She should.  She's Tony Trip's baby momma.  I wonder if they just hang around the house, Tony with tattoo gun in hand, doddling away on Stephanie's skin!  Probably not.  Stephanie is one of the hot girls on the 103GBF Hometown Honeys Comouter Wallpaper.  She's also been a fitness model and recently competed in Nitro Fitness Strongman competition.  Nothing like seeing a pretty girl push a H2 across a parking lot.  Stephanie makes her living as a professional massage therapist, but in her real life she's a mom of two, sporting lots of great ink as you can see.  Thanks for sharing the pics, Steph!

Pics by: Feral Photography, Brookshire Photography, Kevin Duke 'Just Shoot Me'