Indiana lawmakers say they are one step closer to passing legislation that would make it mandatory for all mopeds operating on the roadways of the state to be properly licensed.

Earlier this week, House Bill 1523 was approved by the House Roads and Transportation Committee, which according to Representative Gail Riecken, will allow a system to be put in place requiring the registration of mopeds.

“More people are using mopeds for regular transportation these days and HB 1523 is designed to make sure they follow the same rules as other drivers on our roads and streets,” said Riecken. “By creating a system for registering these vehicles, we will have a better grasp on the numbers of mopeds we actually have in the state of Indiana, and we will be better equipped to track them if they are stolen."

The bill is now set to go before the full house for deliberation; if passed, mopeds will be subject the same regulations as other motor vehicles, including carrying insurance.