Located at 5525 Pearl Drive, Boney Junes is an all ages club where bands of all rock genres play to showcase their original music. Now and then Boney Junes has a major act come through and this Monday is one of those instances.

Live at Boney Junes is headliner Dying Fetus.

One of the most infamous and influential death metal bands of the past 10 years, Dying Fetus pummel and pound their signature-style brutality into the worldwide landscape with the subtlety of full-fledged war. Descend into Depravity takes Dying Fetus to new sonic levels, and is easily the bands finest hour.

Also appearing at Boney Junes MOnday night among others is Evansville's Blood Tribe. These guys are a highly polished metal machine, and worht the price of admission alone.

Sign up for the 103GBF All Access Club here on the website and you can win tickets to the show. Just go to the 'All Access' page to make it happen.