You meet a lot of interesting people in my line of work, one of which is the gorgeous Sarah Ve.  Here's a bit about herself in her own words.

I am a makeup artist based out of Toronto and Sudbury Canada. I have been away for 3 weeks working on a film called "A Lot Like Marriage. This film was made at a lodge called Pine falls (It is about an hour into the bush). Working on this movie was amazing. We had cast and crew from all over Canada and even from the states! "A Lot Like Marriage" is a romance Comedy (mostly comedy thanks to our wonderful actors who kept us laughing non stop). It is about a young college couple who go to a cabin in the woods to introduce their mother and father little do they know it would cause more trouble then relaxation! Working on this movie was an absolute blessing. I got the opportunity to make life long friends we even became a little dysfunctional family! Would you believe that we only had a crew of 14-17 and it was a feature film? Yes we are all crazy! But we did it.I am pretty sure we could make a movie about making the movie! A lot of blood sweat and drinks went into making this! Long nights early mornings, getting lost in a weird town with hardly any gas no food or water! (That was just the first day).  We even lost some of our actors for a bit! I can't forget the box sledding and seeing a grown man from florida try and show shoe and the middle of a snow covered field for the first time!

Check out the Movie's Facebook Page here and Sarah's page here!

Sarah's Photos Were Taken By Alvarado, Gregorio photography, Paul Venomous and Stacy Michael Photography