A lot has been in the local news lately about two area women who have gone missing.

Joelle Lockwood was last seen on July 9th, walking near Florida and Park streets in Evansville.





Kristy Kelley has been missing since she was last seen leaving the VFW in Boonville, IN this past Friday night.

In yesterday's Huffington Post, writer David Lohr pointed out the similarities between the two womens' physical appearances, and suggested that the two disappearances may be related.   Lohr spoke with Evansville Police Department, Sgt. Jason Collum,+

who told The Huffington Post, "To have someone missing in our area –- two of them active like this at the same time -- is very unusual.".

The two women are 30-year-old Joelle Ann Lockwood of Evansville, and 27-year-old Kristy Kelley of Boonville.  Both are mothers with two children. Both were last seen wearing tank tops and blue jean shorts.  And the similarities go on.

"(The similarities are) something both agencies have to keep in mind," Cullum said. "You don’t ever want to rule anything like that out."

Check out the Huffington Post article here for more of the theory that the two cases are possibly connected.  Again, this theory is still speculation at this point.

There are also two Facebook pages, one for each missing woman with a complete description of each and more info on these cases, as well as who to contact should you have information yourself.  Let's hope we find both of these women as soon as possible

Here's a link to the "Find Kristy Kelley Facebook Page"

Here's a link to the "Find Joelle Lockwood Facebook Page"