If you're a guy like me that enjoys ogling beautiful women in bikinis, apparently we can take a pass on the upcoming 2013 Miss World pageant taking place in Indonesia.

Pageant officials have banned the wearing of bikini swimsuits in favor of having contestants wear Bali’s traditional more conservative sarong. The fashion change was prompted by numerous protests from Muslim groups.

Pageant organizers said that they felt since Indonesia has one of the world’s largest Muslim populations, it was fitting that fashions in the beauty pageant more closely represent the country’s more conservative and traditional core values of modesty in dress.


“It has been misunderstood by some people that Miss World is a beauty competition focusing on the physical attractiveness of a woman’s body,” the organizer, Hary Tanoesoedibjo, an Indonesian media tycoon, said.

Then he went on to babble about 'inner beauty' and nonsense like that. Geez, whatever happened to the good old "Beauty Pageant", I mean really!?!?