After a long wait it's finally in sight.  Metallica "Through The Never" opens at every IMAX theater in North America on Friday 9/27.  103GBF has supported the band for such a long time, that Metallica management has really hooked us up with great giveaways, and next week we're gonna hook you up too!

"Through The Never" will be playing at Showplace Cinemas East IMAX and Tickets are on sale starting Monday on   Buy them, or WIN THEM from 103GBF.

Starting Monday here on the website, we'll have your chance to register to win not only tickets for the movie, but also collectible swag like the Metallica Black Album (Deluxe 45 RPM Vinyl)

A copy of the "Through The Never" soundtrack.  an official movie poster and more.

Then, on air all day next Thursday the 26th, the day before the movie opens, be listening to 103GBF to call in and win a pair of tickets to the film, a hat and a t-shirt commemorating the Metallica movie.

We'll be talking a lot about this on the air, so stay up to date by keeping all your radios tuned to 103GBF.