Give him fuel, give him fire, give him a handful of rocks to throw at annoying photogs.

That's what Metallica front-man, James Hetfield, had to do after being harassed on his family's Christmas vacation. Hetfield took his clan to Punta del Este, Uruguay. On Christmas morning, he and his son took a moped ride around. The paparazzi decided to follow along.

Hetfield asked the photogs to back off a few times, before he decided to take action. Photos show Hetfield throwing stones at the camera men, and also show him having a heated exchanged with one of the group.

Everyone deserves to have a little R&R. Sure the photographers have families to feed, but don't you think they could take one day off out of the year?

Although I think if I ever saw my dad throwing rocks at photographers, it would go down as the best Christmas ever. Also a vacation in Uruguay would have been nice too.