Our professional Hockey team, the Evansville Icemen are successful for several reasons. They're a good team. They play in an awesome venue that makes each game an 'event experience'...and they are not afraid to get out and about town to press the flesh. Meeting people in person makes the fan loyalty even stronger. The Bluecats didn't grasp that and you can see what happened to them. The otters in may cases don't field a very good team, but the fan experience is there. The charisma of Bosse Field, and the players are community and charity minded...thus, the put fans in the stands and are successful on that level.

Tonight starting at 5pm at Rick's Sports Bar at Green Riverr and Covert, you can meet some of the Icemen players and enjoy some cheap drink specials as well.

The Icemen are at home for games at the Ford Center this Wednesday and Friday nights!