You might be looking at that picture and thinking "Metta? Dude that's Ron Artest." And that's where you are wrong.

Today at 8:30 Pacific Time, Los Angeles Lakers forward Artest went to the court house to legally change his name to Metta World Peace. According to his publicist, Metta comes from the Buddhist tradition meaning loving-kindness and friendliness. World Peace is his new last name.

So that means World Peace joins a list of other sports figures who have changed their name for religious reasons. Including, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and Ahmad Rashad.

It will be sort of ironic for Artest to wear a jersey that says "World Peace". Considering I have the following joke about Artest, when he played with the Pacers.

Why did Ron Artest leave the game early? He wanted to beat the crowd.

That's my attempt at humor considering how he assaulted basketball fans in  a 2004 brawl during a game against the Detroit Pistons.

World Peace was also given the lowest score during his first performance on Dancing With the Stars. So it seems the only place you'll be seeing World Peace is on the basketball court, or in the twinkle of some hippie liberal douche's eye.

See the brutal video of World Peace's Dancing With The Stars performance. Remember, you can't un-see things.