Brookroyal will be the first band to hit the stage at the upcoming 103GBF Damn Loud Rock Show on May 6th at The Ford Center.

That night they'll be followed by Halestorn, and co-headliners Godsmack and Staind.  Tickets are available at the Ford Center Box Office or online RIGHT HERE.

Currently the 103GBF 25th Anniversary Tour contest is going on every weekday in April, where you can win tickets to this Damn Loud Rock show as well as plenty of other concerts and festivals in the region this summer.

Listen weekdays for the cue to call in and get hooked up at 1-888-900-WGBF.

If you're a daily winner, you could then go onto be one of two grand prize winners that will get to meet some of the bands the night of May 6th at The Ford Center, plus the Grand prize winner also takes home a Gibson guitar autographed by Brookroyal.

Check out their single "Jump" now playing on 103GBF, and for more info on this St.Louis band, like them here!