Every now and then there comes a product that is just cooler than cool, and the Marshall Fridge is one of those products for sure!

I definitely think I need one of these! It's a fridge that looks like a Marshall Amp... It's a Marshall Fridge! How cool would it be (literally!) to store your beer inside of one of these? It has the official Marshall logos, and 4.4 cubic feet of space including a high efficiency freezer! AND it's made with official Marshall parts! Super awesome! Every Rock God (or Goddess) needs one of these things for their studio! You can even sign up to win one!

These Marshall Fridge isn't on sale yet, but they will begin taking order soon. For a cool introductory price of $299 you'll be able to be the envy of all of your friends & fellow musicians. They are expected to ship out in October.

If you had your own studio, what other cool S*** would you HAVE to have in there?