Tired of Christmas music already? Scanning the radio dial it's all you hear. So, to combat that, Friday starting at at 5pm and running until the Colts 'Countdown To Kickoff' at 11am Sunday, 103GBF incorporates our "Mandatory Metallica" Weekend with the 103GBF Grab Bag Weekend. We will be featuring the best of Metallica this weekend, including some live tracks and rareities that you've never heard before.

As if that weren't enough, we'll be giving away the long awaited "Quebec Magnetic" DVD Due out on Dec. 10. ‘Quebec Magnetic,’ a double DVD and single disc Blu-ray, will serve as the very first time Metallica have released anything on their own North American label. Read more about the DVD here, and make sure you are tuned in to win it throughout the weekend on 103GBF!  Here's more about the live DVD.  And below is the trailer for the "Quebec Magnetic" DVD.  All that is Metallica by the way, can be found on The Ultimate Metallica website.

By the way, any doubt I"m a Metallica fan...this tat is on my left ankle.