Every Saturday night at 8 on 103GBF, I host Loudwire Reloaded, a two hour show that features a countdown of the 13 best new rock songs of the past week,we call that the "Loudwire Lucky 13"! I also feature songs that are tied into the content at Loudwire.com as well.

The thing is, this Saturday The Colts vs Patriots game in on 103GBF, so you can tune in "Loudwire Reloaded" Sunday from 5p-7p.  Hear Loudwire's pick for one of the most anticipated rock albums of 2014.  Phil Anselmo has a cooking show, kind of.  I'll explain and play some good old Pantera.  We've got one of the bands we predict will break out in 2014, ans you can hear the winner of the "Loudwire Reloaded Airplay Poll", where we give you the chance to vote a song on to the show. And, on the show this week hear my chats with Maria Brink of In The Moment.. Hope you'll join me SUNDAY at 5, this week only, for "Loudwire Reloaded", which is coast to coast on THESE stations.

The band we selected as one of the breakout bands of 2014 is this one, and they're on the show Sunday.  Here's We As Human and "Strike Back"