This Saturday night at 8 here on 103GBF, I bring you another edition of "Loudwire Reloaded".  In each show, I count down the "Loudwire Lucky 13", the top rock songs of the week, as well as feature songs that tie into trending new at  For instance, you can even vote a song onto the program each week in the :"Loudwire Airplay Poll" here.  This week's winner is Ill Nino "Forgive Me Father".  Also on "Loudwire Reloaded" this Saturday night, I'll premier a new song from the upcoming Five Finger Death Punch album "The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol 2" which comes out next Tuesday.  You will not hear this song anywhere else prior to the album release date except for on "Loudwire Reloaded".


Also, I'll chat with Phil LaBonte of All That Remains about their new single "What If I Was Nothing".  It's the first time I've seen Phil without a hat.  We talk about that, and you can see him sans hat in the new video for the song posted below our interview player.