Spring is stumbling in, and that's about the time of year we start looking for area girls to be 103GBF Hometown Honeys, which we post a gallery of each Monday during the Spring and Summer months. If you've got hi-quality pictures of yourself, and you'd like to be featured as a 103GBF Hometown Honey here on our website, send me an e-mail at Sandman@103gbfrocks.com.  An example of apast103GBF Hometown Honey is Anna pictured below.  Not a 'professional photoshoot' picture, but clear and good enough to show what a pretty girl she is.  That works!


This ain’t no talent contest or spelling bee. It’s all about looks and attitude.  If you want to model, we'll give you a break, as we publicize each 103GBF Hometown Honey Feature not only on the station website, but also on the 103GBF Facebook Page and Twitter accounts. Literally thousands could see you feature!  Cool,huh?

The same goes for area photographers who want to show off their work and get some free advertising.  If you have a model that gets selected as a 103GBF Hometown Honey Of The Week, I'll link to your Facebook page or Website and credit your photos as well.   Keep in mind,when I say "HOMETOWN" Honeys I'm talking about the entire tri-state area...Indiana-Kentucky-Illinois.

Let's this going!   For info or to submit pictures,send me a message at Sandman@103gbfrocks.com