The current 103GBF Hometown Honeys Calendar was such a success, we're going to do it again. Special thanks to the awesome folks at KC's Timeout Lunge and Grill for sponsoring the current one.

I'm thinking that the next calendar won't be a calendar, but a poster, pretty similar to the current one. The calendar is irrelevant as people just wanna see the girls. I am certainly down with that.

So, our search for models for the calendar is beginning now, as we plan to start shooting sometime in July with Don Swain of Digital Panda Studio behind the camera once again.

I've already asked a few of the girls from the current calendar to return, and I've got a couple of new girls that have committed as well. So...time to seek out more freshy fresh ladies.

This ain't no talent contest or spelling bee. It's all about looks. So if you wanna be on our calendar, here's a few things that you need to know up front.

1) You must be hot...the hotter the better!  We most likely will do a lot of swimsuit shots or skimpy clothing.

2) You must be local, as in within the tri-state area

3) You will not be paid. But, Don Swain will give you a disc of your photo shot to use however you'd like, so you're getting a free photo session.

4) Your boyfriend or husband won't be allowed at the shoot. Not because we want to do perverted things to you...we're professionals. The guys just get in the way, an tend to inhibit the models.

If you are interested, or have further questions, shoot Don a Facebook message here...or e-mail me at