If the late night commercials are any indication, there are a lot of sexy hot local singles waiting to chat for a $1.99 per minute. However, the number you need to dial isn't 911. One man in Florida didn't get the memo. 

Joshua Basso has been caught again (yes, again) trying to call 911 in hopes of scoring some phone nookie. Basso made several calls to 911 asking the ladies working to talk dirty to him. When he was arrested Basso said he didn't think he would get in trouble for calling 911.

In the video below (which is very NSFW), Basso appears to be 'having a party' with himself while asking the operator about her 'swim suit areas'. Basso was apparently out of minutes on his cell phone and 911 was the only number he could call for free.

He had been busted for doing the same thing in 2009, and his latest arrest got him 7 counts of false 911 calls.

911 is frequently used for stupid calls. Such as customers complaining about fast food, asking for directions, or help getting out of their locked vehicle (hint: pull the lever on the door).